Okay, just seeing Eric grin was enough to get Jo excited. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was going to order the vampire to do though. After a moment of nibbling on her lip, Jo finally murmured, “A bath, I want you to draw me a bath. One with bubbles and candles to light the bathroom.” Her cheeks turned pink again and she looked shyly at Eric. “Please?”

Eric rose from his kneeling position on the floor and bowed to Jo. “There is no need to say ‘please’. I am your servant, after all.” He tried to put on his best gentlemanly-renaissance voice. This was a bit silly but Eric was having fun with it. “I will get it started right away.” Eric turned on his heel and went for the bathroom. He turned the knob and let the water run warm before finding the bubble bath and pouring some into the stream of water.



"Mhhhh," was the only sound she made and didn’t decide to say anything else about that. She nodded her blonde head and stepped out of the way so that he could go release the thing. It wasn’t her first rodeo with a snake. She’d seen a few before lurking around here. In fact, her Daddy had to beat one with a tire iron when it was laying in the yard just feet from her and Jason playing in the sprinkler. "Yeah, you do that. Just…please."

Without another word, whether playful or not, Eric excused himself and stepped outside. The snake had pretty much given up trying to free itself— maybe it’s body had gone numb. Eric went as far as the border to the woods and chucked the snake far enough away so that it wouldn’t want to come back.
Then he turned around stalked back towards Sookie’s house.
"The deed is done, miss," he teased while wiping his hands together.

True Blood - Favorite relationships (x)

↳ Eric & Godric

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Quite The Charmer | Eric + Clara


Clara’s gaze had dropped to the ground, only watching the grass she kept tugging out of the ground for no apparent reason apart from keeping her hands busy. She wasn’t exactly nervous, per say, she was just unsure of what to do with herself as the conversation came to a close. Clara knew there were several things she could say to Eric right now, but all of them were either far too corny or too flirty or just downright too mushy.

She then got that feeling on the back of her neck — that sensation of the tiny hairs standing on end when somebody was watching you. She knew it was Eric, and it didn’t unnerve her in the slightest. Then again, why should it unnerve her if it was someone familiar watching her?

"No more ‘I Spy,’" she repeated. Then there was silence. Comfortable? Uncomfortable? She was uncertain, but then she broke it, looking up at Eric as she did so. "Can I come and sit next to you?" Innocent enough question? Maybe, maybe not.

The silence was peaceful but Eric felt like this wasn’t the right time for it. He and Clara were trying to cover lost ground and get to know each other properly. There would be time in the future for comfortable silences. 
His eyes traveled over to her as she asked her question. It made Eric smile softly.
"Yes, please do."
He scooted over a bit to make room against his tree trunk. The park was gradually getting empty; it was getting late and people were heading home for the night. Eric leaned his head back and looked up at the canopy of leaves overhead.

"If you could have one super power, what would you want it to be?" It was a random question, and one that was so typical of a human to ask when they wanted to get to know another, but Eric found himself genuinely curious about Clara’s answers to those sorts of ‘ice breakers’. 

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I found you | Eric & Godric


Godric reached out when Eric put his hand up, seemingly to cover the markings. But Godric wouldn’t have it, he took Eric’s hand in his and pulled it away. He needed to see.

His other hand came up, fingers running over the dark veins. That wasn’t, what he had wanted - or expected - to find. This was worse than anything. To know, that Eric was going to die and nothing Godric could do would stop it.

"No… you need no punishment."
'It is mine', he thought to himself. And quite a fitting one at that.
"How long have you had them?"

Not that it really mattered. Godric was looking for something to say, something to concentrate on, other than the fact that Eric was going to die. He couldn’t let that sink in. It would destroy him.

Of course he would say those things; it was almost like he had to. It was the sort of thing any loving guardian would say to their troubled charge, their loved one who was looking at death in its face.
Eric was looking at Death in his face right now and he did not feel fear— he felt more comforted than he had felt in many months. 

The vampire unclenched his jaw in order to answer the question. “I noticed the first few not too long ago. They have multiplied doubly in the past week.” Not much was known about the virus except that the veins would continue to poison one another until the body eventually decayed. That, and there was no cure.” It wasn’t likely that humans would be one to develop it either.

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Now that was something Jo hadn’t been expecting. She blushed and looked down at the vampire kneeling at her feet. But there was also a light in Eric’s eyes that Jo didn’t usually see, so she decided that this game may actually be fun. “My humble servant, hm?” A coy smile played on her face and she ran a hand gently though Eric’s blonde hair. “Are you sure you’ll be alright doing whatever I need?”

Eric hadn’t necessarily been expecting for Jo to go along with his act but he was game for anything. His grin widened momentarily before he nodded agreement. “Of course. You are my queen after all, and I am pledged to serve you.”


She squeaked when he dashed for the snake, moving out of his way if she could help it. “Eric Northman, you’re my hero.” She quipped and then looked at the icky creature clutched between his long fingers. “Oh, you know…get rid of it the best way you know how.” Whether that meant him throwing it out into oblivion or killing it, she didn’t have a problem with either. As long as it was not in her home.


Eric looked from Sookie to that snake hopelessly trying to free itself from his grip. It would be too easy to kill the thing; like squishing mud. 
"Well everyone knows that I am not the type to kill innocent things…" A honeyed smirk flavored his lips. "I dispose of it outside and tell it to never come back and bother you again."

i couldn’t give two shits on sticks about the fifty shades of gray trailer but damn i could listen to that crazy in love remix until my ears bleed.