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         ”I know another egomaniac when I see one.”

Oh, are you admitting something unsavory about yourself, Miss Oswald?”



Taking that as a compliment, the faerie hummed happily. “I think in another life you were a masseuse.”

"Maybe I was— but I think I’d remember it.
—- Considering I experienced my own past lives as they happened.”


Eric Northman // True Blood [x]
"Well, that was saucy."

Look at this Eric blog. You could be following this Eric blog with one simple click. The reasons you should is because this writer for one is so sweet and open to ideas (I knew I’ve handed out a few for us to do). The second being that it’s easy for us to click which makes it easier for us to write together without really holding back. I don’t write to ship, I write to have fun, and I find myself doing that with this blog. You will too if you decide to visit this blog, follow or not, and write with them. Eric himself in a fantastic portrayal, and I always find myself smiling and not being able to wait to reply.

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When In Sweden || Claric


"I did indeed," she nodded, now sipping on her reheated tea. That was much better. Clara watched quite intensely as he went through the essays she had been trying to get marked.. And she was the one who felt bad for being curious, yet here he was — making his nosy way through some poor, innocent seventeen year old’s not-quite-so perfected work in regards to Death and the Maiden. Okay, maybe the seventeen year olds weren’t quite so innocent, but they were all pretty stressed…

Clara smiled at him. “Yeah. All right,” she agreed, quite happily. As she demurely sipped on her tea, Clara found her eye line occasionally dropping to look at his chest and she then wondered how long it took to sculpt it before snapping out of it. “How about after we’ve both finished our… drinks… you go put on some actual clothes and then we’ll go exploring. And maybe we can get lost.” At that remark she made, Clara winked at Eric.

Eric let the papers fall back into place as he opted to focus on other things. He brought his glass to his lips and drained the remaining mouthful of blood.
"I suppose this really isn’t appropriate to go adventuring in," he mused while glancing down at his attire— or lack thereof. 
"Let me shower and dress and I’ll be ready to go." That wouldn’t take too long.

Eric rose from his spot on the couch and brushed  passed Clara on he way to deposit his glass to the kitchen. His bare arm made contact with her, and then Eric began humming all the way back to his room.

The shower he took was efficient and quick. Then he changed into something more suitable and ran a comb through his hair. Within fifteen minutes  he was ready to head out.

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        “Everyone has dreams — well, you just proved everyone doesn’t…
          Oh yeah? Does your egocentric nature bleed into real life in terms of those visions to the extent you day dream about it?

"Actually yes. How did you know?
I spend an awful lot of my time thinking about myself.”

Claric Viking AU pt. 1

Sweden, appx 927 AD

In and out, in and out, fading, ringing—- that constant ringing.
The blow to the head had sent Eric’s helmet askew on his brow but the piece of shaped metal had saved his life most likely. In a dazed stupor, the warrior lifted his heavy wooden shield and blocked another incoming blow from the heavy steel wielded by his opponent. It wasn’t like him to let anyone get a hit on him like that but Eric had been admittedly distracted by shouts from the on-lookers.
Several of his own men were booing and cussing when the steel bit at his helmet, but others were cheering for blood.
—-If Eric was himself today, he wouldn’t let them get any of his.

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        “That’s odd. That’s really odd.
          Trance-like presentiment visions? Do I ask?

"I really don’t see what’s so odd about it—-
I am just egocentric enough to experience hyper-realistic visions about futures that affect me.”


Estella felt the color rising in her cheeks. She hadn’t thought it possible that anything could still make her blush. But then again, the Viking had had that effect on her before. A few hundred years weren’t sufficient to curb that legendary charm.

"So do I."

"Good, so then we are in agreement about what was important to us then." Eric continued with his grinning. 
"The rest doesn’t really matter, does it? You’re here. I’m here. It’s almost like fate, isn’t it?"

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What can I say?
I take great pleasure knowing I’ve had what they could never dream of having.”

"Oh yes you have. I know how that feels. Power is a wonderful thing.”