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When In Sweden || Claric


"Two kilometres? Right,” Clara nodded, quickening her pace a little bit. She didn’t want to be out here forever, walking in the dark. Besides, neither maths nor physics were her strong points, so she couldn’t mentally work out how long it would take them to get to the unnamed destination. She wondered how many times Eric had come this way. She wondered if he knew the sound of this particular river by heart. He probably did.

She raised an eyebrow at him. “Not really. I don’t know. I’ve had things creep up on me in the dark and grab my hand. It’s not… fun…” Clara explained a little vaguely. She then shot Eric an odd look. “Silver stakes? You either think very creatively oryou’ve had experiences with silver stakes.” She paused for a moment, actually thinking about what she had just said. “And the fact I chose to talk about the silver stakes really says a lot about me, doesn’t it?” Clara chuckled.

Things?” Eric raised a brow quizzically. “I wasn’t aware that ‘things’ could grab hands and other extremities. You must have been to some very interesting places, Clara.” Eric teased.
"As for silver stakes—- yes, I have seen a few before. Rare objects but highly effective." In private honesty, Eric had thought that they were clever. 
"It doesn’t necessarily mean anything in regards to your sick humor," he joked again. "Unless you plan on using one on your most humble host." Eric leaned in to lightly bump Clara with his shoulder. 

Within the hour they finally rounded upon the intended destination. The trees parted way for a meadow nestled upon the bank of the river. It was completely quiet except for the sounds of the water gushing past and the insects singing. 
"I come here sometimes to think, or to enjoy nature believe it or not." Eric pushed aside a curtain of leaves to make more room for the two of them. It was very secluded and private. Eric realized that it seemed much more intimate with two people as opposed to just himself. 

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twd return srsly makes me want to create a new muse.

The Bear & The Mouse.
A Claric fanmix pt 1

i. Promise | Ben Howard ii. Dangerous | Big Data ft. Joywave iii. Northern Wind | City and Colour
iv. Your Bones | Of Monsters and Men v. The Scientist | Coldplay vi. The  Devil’s Tears | Angus and Julia Stone
vii. Track 4 |  Sigur Ros viii. Born To Die | Lana Del Rey
ix. Another Love | Tom Odell x. Heavy Metal Heart | Sky Ferreria


Estella chuckled and tucked her head under his chin like she used to do. Nothing had changed. She was still a tiny blonde bundle of Gaelic sass, and she was still enormously pleasant to squeeze, even if her skin was perhaps a little cooler than it used to be.

"Mmmm…I missed this."

"It’s been so long—- how could you possibly still remember one man’s hug from another’s?" Eric peered down at the blonde beneath his chin.
"—-And yes, I am assuming that you have hugged many a man in your days. Make no mistake, I do not take you for a prude." He knew better, and the grin that spread across his lips proved it. 

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When In Sweden || Claric


Clara nodded, one of her eyebrows slightly raised as she wondered where on earth they could actually be going. All the same, she didn’t ask but simply and blindly followed him out of the front door. It was fairly dark out, so she tried to keep as close to Eric as possible. She’d learned that there were some odd things lurking about in the dark, even if she and Eric were tucked away in a safe corner of Sweden…

After walking in silence for some time, she did speak up. “So… where are we actually going and how far is it?” Looking to her left, Clara just about saw the outline of a river running past them. She definitely needed to pay more attention at the best of times. “I mean, I’m usually all for surprises but it is… night time.”

"It’s not far. Less than two kilometers." Of course, Eric had never paid too much attention to the actual distance, as it wasn’t much of a concern to him.
The dark water rushed past them on it’s way south. Modern-day Sweden was big into using hydro power but this was one river that was mostly untouched by dams and power plants, due in part to it far-north location. Eric had gone swimming in this very river from time to time despite it being much too cold for humans a large majority of the year.

He looked over at Clara, eyeing her suspiciously.
"Are you afraid of the dark?" He teased.
"I highly doubt anything is going to get you out here—- not with me around… Unless of course a band of marauder-type vampires with silver stakes makes an unexpected appearance. Then we’re both screwed."  



"Oh right. A way for you to blend into society, hmm?"

"Blend into society, act as a spy, fulfill my punishment… Fangtasia has many purposes."


She spread her hands in a ta-da gesture. “Look all you like. With eyes or hands, whichever you think will suit. Personally, I wouldn’t say no to a hug…if you’re not too old and proper for that sort of thing these days.”

Eric’s mouth turned up into a pleasant smile.
"Normally, yes— but for you I can set aside my strong distaste for gestures of affection."
He opened his arms wide and admitted her into their embrace.

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When In Sweden || Claric


"Definitely not," she agreed. Although it was appropriate for other things — just definitely not for adventuring out at night. As he got up and brushed her with his arm, Clara couldn’t help but think he’d done it on purpose. The only reason she thought that was because of the way he began humming right after that moment as he left the room.

She downed the last of her tea and stacked all the papers in a neat pile before heading to the kitchen to wash out the cup quickly. She considered washing out the glass that Eric had been using, but the remaining blood stains inside only served to unnerve her a little. She wasn’t sure if it was TruBlood or actual blood.

Clara then ventured back into her room and dug out her red and black tartan coat. Even though it was summer, it was night time and they were further north than she was used to, so it was better to be safe than sorry. She found her usual ankle boots, brushed her hair quickly and then made her way back to the living room, and sat in the arm chair in order to wait for Eric. That didn’t take too long, and she hopped up immediately from the chair as soon as he did make an appearance — all beautiful and neat and tidy and leather bound, just like she was used to. “Anywhere you want to go in particular?

Eric— being neat by nature— appreciated that Clara had either the good foresight or the same genus trait that caused her to tidy up before their departure. Eric absolutely despised leaving a mess in his own home.
He turned his head towards his companion and nodded slightly.
"There is somewhere in particular that I would like to go.” The place in question was within human walking distance— which Eric had to take into special account while traveling with Clara.
"Let’s go." Nothing more was said as Eric led the way out of the front door and across the yard.

Not far from his house and just beyond the tree line was a narrow-ish path paved with rocks. It wound its way alongside the Pite river and eventually made its way into the village if  one followed it long enough. That wasn’t however the destination that Eric had in mind for them.  He walked along leisurely beside Clara.