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                                         «««D E A D«««

                                       b u t not a l l o w e dto DIE

                                       »»»A L I V E»»»

                                      b u t as g o o das DEAD

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The faerie cracked a smile and a laugh at that remark and looked up at him saying, “That’s a shame, because I used to want to be a mermaid.” She moved to sit down on the dock, her legs folding indian-style. No way was she going to dip them down into gator infested waters. “It’s where I like spending time and I like spending time with you…ergo…”


"A mermaid, huh?" Eric reached a hand down to graze fingertips over Sookie’s blonde waves. 
"I can see it," he commented.

He followed her down to her seated position on the creaky, stained dock. Eric always felt like a child, sitting on the ground. His frame wasn’t meant for that— it was too tall, too regal, too… non-child-like.
He tried to prop himself up on his elbows to feel less awkward; the dock wasn’t much longer than he was.
"Since when do you like spending time with me— since I can chase snakes out of your house?" He jested.

finally finished reading gone girl
that fucked me up so bad.

Quite The Charmer | Eric + Clara


This was actually happening. She was going to go to Sweden with Eric and they were going to have the best time of their lives. For six whole weeks. And the fact that he was more than willing to do it by her terms definitely meant a whole lot to Clara. “Yep. Six weeks. That’s how long I have off — although there may be points where I have to do work. Because apparently it was a great idea for me to set an essay for my year tens to be handed in at the end of term…” She shrugged. “But I won’t let that keep me from you.” As soon as she said that, her cheeks turned bright red. She didn’t know why that happened — there were more embarrassing things she could have said. “So we’ve got a good plan going here.”

"Don’t worry about it— or me." Eric waved it off. If she had to do work then she had to do work. Eric wasn’t asking Clara to put her life on hold for six whole weeks just for him. 
"I can keep myself occupied and sparse while you have to get things done." He was good at not being a distraction, at tucking himself into his own thing and making himself invisible if need be. It was a part of all his former survival tricks.
I won’t let that keep me from you. Another promise?
"I think we have a good plan here." Eric almost pointed out the gooey statement she had just made but he didn’t want to embarrass her any more than she had already embarrassed herself. 

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out of clara: omg lo you cannot cockblock the claric like jfc if ur gonna go on their holiday, like, at least go at a distance u feel me. i’m gonna go and watch from a distance eheh. ;)

/i’ll watch from the window or even from a tree with binoculars and popcorn. 

Good Morning | Eric & Godric


Godric smiled too, he fingers slowly stroking along the glass in her hand. She liked seeing Eric like this. Happy and content. It was a good look on him.

"I would very much enjoy that. See it as a vacation of sorts. Humans do it all the time, why should we not also?"

With a content noise she emptied her glass, setting it down behind her on the counter.
"Was that you you brought me the roses? So I would go to Spain with you?"
She moved closer to him now, reaching up to trail a finger over his jaw.
"All you had to do was ask, you know?"

Eric nodded silently in agreement, a small grin stretching his lips. A vacation sounded nice no matter where they went. Even though Eric spent most of his time with Godric, it never deterred him from wanting more.
"No, no…" Suddenly Eric was looking shy. His brow was furrowed in a mixture of nerves. 
"It was never my intention to get you to bring up Spain like we were going to go again. I just— I just wanted to do something nice for you, something sweet.” Because Eric liked  being a good boy for his maker, he wanted to be praised and patted and told that he was the  best progeny any vampire could hope for. He wanted to be perfect.

Quite The Charmer | Eric + Clara


It seemed his excitement was beginning to rub off on her too. Clara’s grin was now pretty much matching his and while she would have told him to take her there right now, she still had a week left before the holidays started, unfortunately. But stars — she had never felt more wired about a plan until now. She was clearly special in Eric’s eyes, and she could have blushed just thinking about that long enough. “Um — okay, can we go next week?” she asked him, almost sheepishly. “I still have a week left before it’s the holidays and then we have six weeks to do whatever we want in Sweden — six whole weeks of just us. No distractions. How does that sound?” She hoped he wouldn’t be dejected by the idea of having to wait for a week before going.

"Perfectly fine to me."
He had let this decision be in Clara’s hand, so if she wanted to go in a week then they would go in a week. Hell, if she wanted to go next year then that’s when they would go.
"That gives me more time to make sure everything there is perfect for our arrival anyway," he added with a little grin. Eric started making a mental checklist of things to do prior: call the cleaning service, get someone to bring firewood over, purchase food for Clara… At least he was pleased to have something to do—- Eric always needed something to keep his constantly ticking mind occupied.

"Six weeks, huh?" The grin returned full-force. 
six whole weeks of just us, she had said. That sounded like a promise.
"It sounds like a plan."

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"Used to swim in this water. It’s probably more polluted now." Sookie thought, looking down into the moss and dark water. "But just coming here reminds me of the innocence of my childhood."


Eric looked from the dark water to Sookie’s face illuminated in the light of the moon. There was something a bit sad about what she had just said; like she enjoyed visiting this place because it existed in a time she could never return to. Eric knew the feeling.
"I am surprised you did not grow gills and flippers in there." He tried lightening the mood.
"Any special reason you wanted to take me here?"


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six similarities between mun and muse

  1. we both fiercely care for our loved ones even if they are a small handful.
  2. we are both blond and nordic.
  3. we have both been to Germany.
  4. we are both pretty stubborn.
  5. we both loved sookie stackhouse. sob forever
  6. we both enjoy leather jackets.

six differences between mun and muse

  1. he is like a whole millennium old and i am 23.
  2. he is a 6’3” viking sex god and i am a 5’5” teacher.
  3. he owns a bunch of houses in awesome places and i own a mattress and a bunch of textbooks.
  4. he is a vampire. i am debatable.
  5. he has two children. i have none.
  6. penis. vagina. (felt like it needed to be said ?)

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She laughed at that remark and said, “Calm down, Mr. Northman. It’s not that far out in the middle of nowhere. Your body would soon enough be found.” She stepped foot onto the wooden dock that stretched out into the water. “See? Jason and I used to come here as children. Sometimes I come out here when it’s quiet.”


Eric looked out at the small stretch of water she had led him to.
"It seems like it would always be quiet here." Even his own voice was quiet, as if it refused to shatter the illusion of perpetual peace here. 
"What, you swim in this water?" He raised a brow at Sookie. 
"I bet it’s filthy—- not to mention the gators that must be hungry."